I recently started working as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Lancaster University, Mathematics and Statistics under supervision of Dr Rebecca Killick. The key focus of our work is on modelling circular change-points. We focus on  environmental data as the main application.

My secondary research focus is in longitudinal applications that also have a time component (i.e. waves) and I am fortunate to collaborate with researchers in Edinburgh Psychology Department where we work on analysis and methods developments for large population surveys (Understanding Society and Millennium Birth cohort).

I was awarded my PhD in February, 2019 and was funded by ESRC and CDRC for my thesis entitled ‘Generating Insights from Smart Meter Data: Challenges and Opportunities’.

In the past I worked as Teaching Fellow in Statistics at  University of Edinburgh and in Quantitative Methods at UCL School of Public Policy , also as a Research Assistant in London School of Economics (LSE).

My research and teaching interests are spanned broadly across the area of statistical methods in interdisciplinary settings:  social statistics, big data, longitudinal research and , I am keen to explore new forms of data and novel methods and technology that can be used to analyse it. I am  passionate about both development and application of statistical methods as well as promoting those to new generation of interdisciplinary researchers through active involvement in teaching and training activities, mainly using R.


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I also have a writer page where I post a bit of fiction.