Research Interests

  • Casual Inference and Graphical Models in Social and Health Sciences
  • Time Series Methods
  • Big Data, Large Observational Datasets, Routinely Collected NHS Data
  • Modelling Heterogeneous Patterns of Behavior
  • Missing Data and Attrition in Longitudinal Studies
  • Innovations/challenges in the Teaching of Statistics in Social and Applied Sciences

Current research projects

2022, Medical Research Foundation, (~£100,000), Capturing the daily life experiences and difficulties of adolescents with ADHD, (CO-I, Methods), with Murray, A (PI). and Obsuth, I.

2021, North West Cancer Research (~£250,000), IMmunotherapy and PAlliative CAre Trajectories (IMPACT): a mixed methods study (CO-I, Methods) with Brearley, S. (PI), Gadoud, A., Walshe, C.)


In Submission/Review

Diprossimo, L, Ushakova, A, Zoski, J, Gamble, H, Irey, R, Cain, K, 2021, Vocabulary Scaffolding  Features and Young Readers’ Comprehension of Digital Text: Insights from a Big Observational Dataset.  Preregistration DOI:10.17605/OSF.IO/62C4Q

Murray, A., Ushakova, A. Bianchi, A., Booth, T., Lynn, P., 2021, Dynamic predictors of attrition in Understanding Society: a large 9-wave population-representative study.

Best, K. L., Murray, A.L., Speyer, L.G, Ushakova, A. 2021, Prediction of Attrition in Large Longitudinal Studies: Tree-based methods versus Multinomial Logistic Models. preprint DOI: 10.31235/

Ushakova, A., McKenzie, K., Hughes, C., Murray, A.,2021, Measurement Invariance of GHQ-12 Across Student and Non-Student Populations using a large UK Longitudinal Study. 

Ushakova, A., McKenzie, K., Hughes, C., Murray, A., 2021, Analyzing Socio-Economic Risk Factors on Mental Health in Students as measured by GHQ-12 and WEMWBS: UK Understanding Society


Speyer, L. G., Ushakova, A., Blakemore, S. J., Murray, A. L., & Kievit, R. (2022). Testing for Within× Within and Between× Within Moderation using Random Intercept Cross-Lagged Panel Models. Structural Equation Modelling.

Ushakova A., Taylor S.A., Killick R. (2022),.Multilevel Changepoint Inference for Periodic Data Sequences. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics.

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Murray, A. L., Ushakova, A., Speyer, L., Brown, R., Auyeung, B., & Zhu, X. (2021). Sex/gender differences in individual and joint trajectories of common mental health symptoms in early to middle adolescence. JCPP Advances, e12057.

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Ushakova, A. and Mikhaylov,S.J., 2018, Predicting Energy Customer Vulnerability from Consumption Behavior, Working Paper, Consumer Data Research Centre